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Yogyakarta, 19 June 2017
by PHM Hospitality

June 5th 2017 is a happy day for THE 1O1 Yogyakarta Tugu. The hotel that located in Jalan Mangkubumi (Margoutomo) celebrating its 3rd anniversary. The theme of celebration is related with Green Hotel, because in this year, THE 1O1 Yogyakarta Tugu is officially received Green Hotel certification and became the first hotel under the flag of PHM Hospitality who received the Green Hotel Certification.

In addition, THE 1O1 Yogyakarta Tugu is also become the First Hotel in Indonesia to get EDGE Certificate (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) which is certified by Green Building Council Indonesia. THE 1O1 Yogyakarta Tugu is eligible to get the certification because the score is higher than the standard set by 20%, where there are three categories as requirements to get Green Hotel Certification: Energy Savings (62%), Water Savings (22%), and Less Embodied Energy in Material (43%). Some factors that affect the passing score of THE 1O1 Yogyakarta Tugu in this certification is because this Hotel has a lot of public space exposed by the natural light so can minimize the consumed of electrical energy.

The Green Hotel certification was handed over by Mrs. Sandra as representative from EDGE, Mr. Afianto Gautama & Mr. Nugroho Dewanto as representative from Green Building Council Indonesia to Mrs. Wahyu Wikan Trispratiwi – General Manager of THE 1O1 Yogyakarta Tugu.

Beside of that, THE 1O1 Yogyakarta Tugu also proudly announced, that the hotel in this year has won many awards from PHM Hospitality for The Best Hotel Achievement, 2nd Winner ICSA Score 2016, 1st Winner of The Best Financial Perform 2016 and The Best Financial Controller & The Best Sales Leader 2017 also awards from Traveloka as Exceptional Guest Experience – Premium.